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  • Protecting Your Chickens from Predators: 5 Ways to Keep Your Birds Safe
    5 Ways to Protect Your Flock  One of the most jolting things that can happen in the middle of the night is waking up in a panic at the realization you may have forgotten to lock up your chickens. Unfortunately, over the 16 years of homesteading there have been a few times we have forgotten […]
    Farmer Mona
  • 5 Mindset Skills for Beginner Gardeners : Prepare Yourself for Your Gardening Experience
    Do you want to know the truth about gardening? It’s easy, but it’s also not easy. 😉 The truth is gardening can be as discouraging as it is rewarding. Maybe not all gardeners feel this way but there are many times over the 16 years of gardening I have felt discouraged. Sometimes the feeling came […]
    Farmer Mona
  • How to Calm a Scared Horse with Essential Oils
    How to Calm a Scared Horse.  At times even the calmest horses have moments of fear. Whether it comes from past trauma or experiencing the unknown, anxiety can get the best of all of us. It has been my goal for several years now to find ways to help my horses find relaxation as often […]
    Farmer Mona
  • A New Life on a New Homestead – From California to Georgia
    A New Life on a New Homestead. My name is Mona and my husband’s name is Joe. This is us. The Weathers family. Well, this was what our family looked like a few years back. Now we have two grandbabies from our oldest daughter, an extra daughter, and another grandbaby from one of our sons. […]
    Farmer Mona
  • A Warning To All New Chicken Owners – A Chicken Math Story
    A Chicken Math Story I wasn’t familiar with chicken math the day we brought home our first flock years ago.  I would soon find out it was not an easy thing to avoid. If you are not familiar with chicken math, let me explain.  The following story may or may not be a true story.  […]
    Farmer Mona