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I would have looked at you with disbelief if you told me 20 years ago my mindset would be the most valuable asset on my homestead. It’s not just the belief that we can do something we need. We need mindset skills that grow us and offer us wisdom over time.

If we accept that mistakes, hardship, and failure are all part of our journey, we can pursue our dreams with confidence in knowing it’s not just about the destination, it’s also about the journey.

The journey is where all the good life-changing stuff happens and without hardships, we can never truly be stretched in a way that grows us.


1. Welcome failure because that means you’re closer to success.

2. Accept you don’t know it all and allow yourself to be a student.

3. Taking people along with you on your journey is not only good for you but also for others. Let people see the process.

4. Tend to your emotions. Acknowledge them, embrace them and then process them. Sometimes things suck and you get tired of it all. Don’t stop there. Ask yourself “why does it feel this way and how can I improve it?”

5. A dream that is not spoken or written down will likely take longer to achieve. Be intentional about your dreams. Write them down. Tell people about them.

I did a fun little reel on Instagram about this topic that you can watch here.

Below I’ve included some links to some garden growing options.
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These mindset shifts are why I feel unstoppable most of the time. Any time I’m faced with a roadblock I try to take it as an opportunity to learn, pivot and/or persist. That being said, I did my very first Amazon Live video the other day and it was not great. But, I was aware it wasn’t going to be great and pushing through the awkward newbie stage was all part of the process. Instead of shrinking back, I embraced it. 

I hope these tips and my experiences can help you make the shifts and give you an unstoppable mindset. 

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