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Tips on how to get started growing food – It’s time to LEARN HOW to GROW FOOD

I believe growing food right now is really important and the reason I believe it’s important has to do with learning the SKILL of growing food.  
You may be hearing about the food shortages and inflation and worry about what you are going to do if the local store shelves are empty. You may feel you are not in the most ideal place to grow food but I want to encourage you to learn this skill regardless of where you live and regardless of whether you feel the need to have food stocked up. You never know when you might need to grow your own food. 
If the thought of growing food intimidates you, start slow and grow only a few things. Remember, the real importance of learning to grow food is learning the SKILL so choose easy to grow veggies that you like to eat. 
  1. POTATOES (sweet, red, yellow, russet, etc.)
  2. SUMMER SQUASH (crookneck, zucchini, etc.)
  3. GREENS (lettuce, spinach, kale, etc)
  4. HERBS (thyme, mint, oregano, basil, etc.)
  5. TOMATOES (choose hardy varieties to start)

I recently watched a reel on Instagram about growing potatoes in a feed bag and then I watched a YouTube video on growing potatoes in burlap coffee sacks. I’ve decided to try both of these methods. I have sweet potatoes growing in feed bags and I’ll be growing russet potatoes in the coffee sacks. I also saw this video on growing potatoes in a CARDBOARD BOX! 

If you are itching to get started I highly recommend trying one of the methods I mentioned. There are so many different ways to grow food. You can grow in ground, in raised beds, in grow bags, in straw bales and in grow towers. 
Below I’ve included some links to some garden growing options.
Some of these are affiliate links. Your support is very much appreciated. 
Garden Tower Options. Towers are excellent for small spaces or if you just want to get started but don’t have space to plant in ground. They are mobile so you can move them around as you need to. You can grow surprisingly a lot of food in these towers. Greens and herbs do really well in towers.  I’ve provided two options for you. 
  1. Greenstalk Garden Tower. These tower systems are very nice. They are having a really awesome Mother’s Day sale going on right now as well. Towers normally priced at $169 are now $109. Plus if you use my code you can get an additional $10 off. There are other things on sale too so go check them out. Click Here.
  2. Garden Tower Project. I’m really in love with this sustainable tower system. Not only can you grow food but you can have a worm farm as well. This is an all-in-one system that will fertilize your plants with the castings (poop) from the worms. You can use the tower without adding worms if that seems to much to start with. As you gain in your growing skills you can add the worms later. There are lots of videos on how it works on the website. Click Here.
Modular Raised Beds
  1. Vego Garden: I recently got my first Vego Garden 6 in 1 modular raised bed and I’m in love! It’s durable, versatile and easy to put together. You can watch how I set mine up with my grandkids in my recent Instagram reelClick Here  
Grow Bags. Another great option for small space or temporary set-up. I started growing food in grow bags last year I and I really love them. They hold moisture nicely and as long as you are getting the right size they will grow a good amount of produce. 
Here are a couple of options for you. 
  1. Bootstrap Farmer. You can find a number of things on this website including grow bags. They have high-quality seed trays, greenhouse kits and grow lights as well. Click Here.
  2. My Amazon Store: I have a few other options for grow bags at my store. I’ve categorized them into lists. You can find a lot of useful tools and book suggestions in my store as well. Click Here.

Organic Seed. Don’t forget to get quality seeds! Depending on where you are there should be plenty of time to start growing things like summer squash and greens. Botanical Interest is a good place to start. Click Here to shop. 

 Organic Seedlings. If you can’t find organic seedlings locally you can also order them from Azure Standard. Azure is an excellent bulk organic food buying option. I’ve been ordering from Azure since at least 2010.

Click Here to set up your own account. Or enter my code ( RamonaWeathers1 ) when visiting this website link.

I hope you found this list helpful and please reach out if you have any questions. 

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