Homesteading goals

You are the type of person that seeks productivity. How do I know this? Because you are reading this blog post. Whether you are like me and struggle in this area or you are a person who has a good handle on productivity, the Daily Routine sheet can and I believe will change your life. 
Daily routines are one of the simplest ways to be productive throughout your day. A daily routine is different than just a checklist. Checklists often become overwhelming. I believe this is because we list too many things and if we don’t accomplish those things we feel we’ve missed something. This is why I created the “The 3 Most Important Things To Do Today” section of the routine sheet. By focusing on only 3 things we MUST accomplish, we take away a lot of what overwhelms our minds. We then feel a sense of accomplishment because we can check things off of our to-do list. 

If you’re still not convinced you need a daily routine, read my blog post about how planning can improve your health.

I recorded a little video tutorial on how to use the Daily Routine sheet. I hope you find it helpful. Please comment on the video and let me know if it has helped you in any way.