Homesteading goals

Can I let you in on a little secret? I created the Homesteader’s simple Planner because I can be terribly unorganized and I thought if I struggle with organization skills then someone else might be in the same boat as me. 
What I’ve noticed over the years is that if I don’t set a goal and plan it out I often would get very frustrated. I don’t know about you but I don’t like feeling frustrated. That frustration will often lead me to feel paralyzed because I don’t know what I’m supposed to do next. This is when my mental health takes a big hit and I get into a cycle of unproductivity and a little bit of a pitty-party. Can you relate? 
On the other hand, if I set a goal and intentionally take action steps to achieve that goal, I feel like I’m killing it. I feel accomplished, intentional, and proud of myself. I go from flopping around like a fish out of water to a dolphin chasing after a fish underwater. Ok, I’m not great with analogies but you get what I’m saying. 
Don’t get me wrong. We can be proud of ourselves for just getting things done. Any progress towards our goals is good progress. But, I think most people can agree that planning and executing a goal thoughtfully and strategically feels much different than just “flopping around like a fish out of water” type situation. 
So, how does planning improve your health? Mindset is really everything when it comes to building a dream life. We can choose to find joy in every step of the process or dwell on what’s not going as planned. However, a plan can improve mindset because it gives direction and focus. This focus can offer more peace of mind and peace of mind is good for your health. 
I hope you are finding the planner sheets helpful. I’m working on adding more free downloads that I’m sure you will find helpful as well. 
If you know someone who would benefit from my planner and/or guidance and encouragement, please send them the link below to the planner download page to have them follow me on one of my social accounts.