How to Calm a Scared Horse. 

How to calm a scared horse
Me and the OTTB named Tary.

At times even the calmest horses have moments of fear. Whether it comes from past trauma or experiencing the unknown, anxiety can get the best of all of us. It has been my goal for several years now to find ways to help my horses find relaxation as often as possible, especially during training and when being introduced to new things. 

In my opinion, learning from a state of relaxation with clear thinking is the best position to be in. While some people and animals may appear to be thriving on learning from a stressful state, the lasting impression may bring a negative outcome. Imagine how it has felt when you have learned something out of fear verse learning out of joy. They are two completely different feelings with two different perspectives.

There are times learning from fear is necessary but I can’t think of any reason that should be true in training.  A certain amount of stress may not be all negative but ongoing stress produces hormones not meant for a prolonged state. However, on the flip side learning from a state of relaxation can offer a positive response, a desire to keep learning, and the ability to learn self-calming. 

Imagine you or your horse having the ability to take a stressful situation and turning it into a relaxed learning experience. I’ve witnessed horses do this many times because the training I’ve done focuses on training them from a state of relaxation. I’ve essentially trained them to FIND relaxation on their own. 

My training background involves years of teaching horses to relax while they learn, but in recent years I have incorporated essential oils into my program and daily care routine. The reason is that essential oils can help horses reach this relaxed state a lot quicker. 

How can essential oils aid in relaxation?

In order to understand how essential oils can help with relaxation, I will need to explain the basics of essential oils.  

Essential oils are highly concentrated, natural oil produced from plant material by steam distillation, extraction, cold pressing, or resin distillation. Each bottle of oil contains many constituents making them more powerful than dried and infused herbs. Essential oils are extracted from botanicals such as roots, shrubs, flowers, and seeds. 

Flowers such as lavender and chamomile have been known to offer relaxing effects for centuries. Essential oil molecules containing the essence of these plants are easily absorbed through inhalation, the skin, and ingestion (for some oils). Since the essential oil is a refined concentrated version of the plant very little is usually needed to see results. And in many cases, oils applied to you, as the handler, can prove to have very good results. Horses’ sensitivity combined with the relaxation effects certain oils have can be a win, win for both horse and handler. 

It is a beautiful thing to experience when your horse sees you as a place of relaxation. This relaxation connection of course involves respectful training techniques as well but the use of essential oils during training can be a priceless tool. 

After discovering how useful essential oils are in my training program, I became very passionate about sharing what I know with others. Essential oils and essential oil-infused products have helped my whole family physically and emotionally. Discovering how much my horse’s benefit has been truly life-changing for our farm as well.

I’ve created a free resource so that you don’t have to guess about how to use oils safely and effectively.  There are things you should know before you use essential oils on yourself and on your horse. My free resource will help you get started. 

I am here to help you, your family, and your animals increase health with essential oils and a holistic lifestyle.

6 Essential Oils to Aid in Relaxation, Courage, and Ground for Horses.

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Can essential oils do more than help with relaxation?

The answer is yes, yes! I will SOON share more about how I use essential oils and essential oil-infused supplements, shampoos, and ointments in the daily care routine of the horse at our farm, Thankful Hill Farm.