Is Homesteading a Good Idea? 7 Questions You Need to Answer

Is Homesteading a Good Idea? 

We live in a world with many uncertainties causing many people to become interested in homesteading. Maybe you are exploring this idea out of curiosity, or you’ve always dreamed of living a more sustainable lifestyle, or maybe you are desiring to be more prepared. Whatever reason you are here, welcome to the homesteading lifestyle because it all starts with your mindset.

First, let’s break down the modern-day definition of homesteading and the homesteader mindset. Homesteading has evolved over the years with definitions varying but I like describing homesteading as a way to get live a more sustainable life. Homesteading to me has little to do with where you live. It has more to do with what you do with where you live. If you are living in an apartment in the city and have no access to land, you can be a homesteader. Why? Because becoming more sustainable is not about how much you can grow, build or raise from your land, but it has to do with how resourceful you are with what you are given. This can mean your skills and talents could be all you need to have a homesteading mindset.

For example, if you don’t have your own apple trees but you can go to your local farm or even your grocery store and create homemade apple butter that is far more sustainable than just buying the apple butter from the grocery store. By simply making apple butter you have stopped the consuming and shifted to creating. This is the homesteader mindset. If you happen to be reading this and do live in the city but dream of increasing your space one day understand that you are already a homesteader. Your journey has already started.

Is homesteading a good idea?

This question can only be answered by the individual experiencing the journey but if you ask me I would say, yes it’s a good idea. Is it for everyone? Maybe not, but that’s ok too. Some people work careers that don’t allow them for such a lifestyle and that’s ok. We all can shift our thinking more towards a sustainable lifestyle. Everyone can reduce their consumption, support local and contribute in some way. 

Here are some questions to think about when considering starting a successful homestead journey:

  1. Do I have the desire to live more sustainably?
  2. Do I desire to work with my community to help facilitate my sustainable lifestyle?
  3. Am I willing to grow from positive and negative experiences?
  4. Am I willing to let go of perfection?
  5. Am I willing to slow my pace down and live life slower?
  6. Am I willing to put the needs of my lifestyle on high priority?
  7. Am I willing to be a giving member of my community?

Can you start homesteading without doing these things? Yes, but you would kind of be missing the point. Homesteading is about much more than having chickens and growing a garden. All of the questions I listed can be achieved without land, animals, or a garden.

If you are thinking about homesteading, get started today by shifting your mindset. 

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